Year: 2014
Client: Mind, the mental health charity, UK.
Project type: Group project.
In this project, we did interviews, co-creation workshops, synthesis, and ideation together. Aside from that, I took charge of graphic design and photography.

Mental health problems remain the UK’s biggest health challenge, costing the NHS £10 billion a year and impacting on the social and economic wellbeing of us all. One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lifetimes. And its important to remind ourselves that good mental health doesn't start in hospital or the treatment room; it starts in homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

Mind is the leading mental health charity for England and Wales and its service and information delivery takes place at a national and local level. Their network of more than 150 local Minds deliver services such as talking therapies, befriending, employment and training schemes, and supported housing.

01. Less aware of pre-crisis
Mind is very good at treating people in mental crisis as people perceive that only mental issues are in a crisis, we are missing the opportunity to treat all of the mental issues that happened in pre-crisis.
Throughout the interview with the staff in the Haringey branch, they mentioned that It is easier for them to overcome their mental problems in the early stage, so early prevention is important.

02. Stigma attached to mental health issues
People usually feel embarrassed to disclose their mental problems as there is a very strong stigma attached to mental health issues and it makes people feel ashamed to admit their mental health issues. And some of them are in denial about their mental status. 
Local Mind users are mostly referred by their GP. Therefore, the people who might have mental problems cannot easily approach the Mind's service.

03. Lack of volunteer system
Throughout the interview with Local Mind users, we found out that most of them were engaged with group activities such as gardening, cooking based on the users’ talents and practical skills. Some of them feel benefit from the services and now are willing to contribute as volunteers in different ways. However, many potential volunteers complained that there wasn't an effective volunteer structure to which they could apply. Those physical activities and people's willingness to contribute could be a greater opportunity to reach out to people outside of the Mind.

‘A Piece of Mind’ is a smaller version of Local Mind. It delivers the basic information about Mind services, mental health issues and products that have been made by Local Mind users. It will take a piece of their atmosphere and service and reach out to the general public in order to raise awareness of the importance of pre-care services.

Organisational proposition.

Organisational proposition.