community revival

Year: 2014
Site: Seshui Community, Nantou County, Taiwan.
Client: Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Taipei City Government.
Award: 1st prize awarded, 'Reviving Seshui Community with Service Design Thinking', Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Taipei, 2013.
Project type: Group project.
In this project the group did investigation, sketching and idea development together. I took charge of insight, design strategy, photography, proposal writing, and oral presentation to the government.

Seshui is a place which contains many natural and cultural resources. For instance, unique bamboo coal, Black tea, Seshui Kiln. Each of which has unlimited possibilities. We lived in Seshui community for a period of time to do field work, and talk to the local people. During that time, we found out some problems of this community.

01. Due to ageing issue, there are a considerable scarcity of labour. And also lack of people to take over local industries.

02. Their cultural products have no coherent identity, it is difficult for them to promote their local products as well as natural resources. 

03. Betal nuts used to be valuable cash crops. After the strong earthquake happened in 1999, they found that betal palms was the reason of landslide due to its short roots.

After analysed these problems, we decided to identify the cultural characteristics of Seshui, and revive the traditional craft and industry with new design thinking.

Using a service design approach, we integrated and aggregated the community information in Seshui, and created a brand which represented their characteristics and specialties that belongings to the community, and expand access to the network. We added value to their local products and also improved their brand identity, so that more people will be able to experience this beautiful place.