Cross-government Collaboration Model

Year: 2017-present

Groups from different ministries of the civil service were trained to tackle issues and policies that were raised by the citizen and civil servants on the Taiwanese e-petition website, ‘Join’. However, there was a clear need to have a fixed group of civil servants trained to better facilitate communication and collaboration within and across the 31 ministries. Since October 1st 2016, when Audrey Tang became the Digital Minister without portfolio, she started PDIS and called for middle to senior civil servants who are familiar with planning, communication, and digital tools to be part of the fixed group, we later called this group the Participation Officer Network.

Participation officers network in Taiwanese government facilitate workshops that engage diverse stakeholders to identify and define core problems, generate meaningful challenge statements, and co-create possible solutions based on real issues and projects. This process helps strengthen the quality of multi-stakeholder collaborations and better inform our public policies. We aim to build a multi-stakeholder governance system that reinforces the trust between citizens and the government.

The PO Network serves to drive cultural change; it plays a key role in Taiwan’s Open Government scene. POs are deeply involved in the conversation with civil society and governmental divisions, by tackling cross-ministerial issues with wider stakeholders openly and creatively. PO Network is a network of around 70 civil servants in the central government.


Since 2016, PDIS has been developing these tool for public sector's service design and policy-making process.