Year: 2011
Award: 1st prize awarded, 'Memory Charm', Silicon Power design competition.
Project type: Solo project.

'Memory will become valuable only when we are able to recall it.'

01. We never forget. We just can’t remember!
Have you ever thought of one scene because of a song or a voice? Have you recalled memory because of a smell? I designed the touchable sound to let people recall their memory. This is based on the theory of synesthesia. 

02. Sound is not visible nor touchable.
Sometimes there are moments that people want to treasure, but they intend to forget to remind themselves. How would we convert an audio information to 3D?


Memory Charm is a product which can facilitate people to recall their memory naturally, accompany people, and also full of commemorative value. The meaningful sound become touchable and collectable. It is beautiful that the memory will be recalled whist people touching it. Memory Charm has USB with real sound or a piece of paper written the words of the sound inside.