Year: 2015
In collaboration with: Transport Systems Catapult, and Transport for London.
Award: 3rd place awarded, IMCreate 2015 – the Transport Systems Catapult’s (TSC) inaugural Intelligent Mobility (IM) Hackathon.
Project type: Group.
I took charge of research, problem identification, sketching, idea development, stakeholder map, business model, and photography.


IMCreate was the world’s first Intelligent Mobility focused hackathon hosted by Transport Catapult. The objective of the event was to actively develop solutions that address critical transport challenges. For example, access to data being siloed.  We collaborated with developers, businessmen, and designers.

It started in London with the challenges described along with the exclusive data sets, cutting edge hardware, software and cloud storage space available. We developed our ideas while travelling around on many forms of transport, ending with the train from Euston to Milton Keynes. 

1. Access to data being siloed
Companies such as INRIX and Google have a monopoly on traffic data.
2. Raw data isn’t available
Traffic data is currently gathered and processed heavily by INRIX. Raw data can’t be bought for privacy reasons.
3. No Privacy
Current data collection systems are not anonymous.

A block chain is a transaction database shared by all nodes participating in a system based on the Bitcoin protocol. A full copy of a currency's block chain contains every transaction ever executed in the currency.

1. Trustworthy: Because it's pseudonymous.
2. Durable: Because people are not able to modify data.
3. Decentralised and Sustainable: Because everyone can have all the data. The database will never crash. There is a trust form of open data.

Open Motion is a service that aims to protect user privacy, and yet improve the accuracy of transport data by applying Blockchain technology to provide a trustworthy, durable, and sustainable service. It would be on the back of your phone when you download transport apps.

Stakeholdermap and value proposition

Stakeholdermap and value proposition

Data flow

Data flow

I will send more feedback shortly from the other judges. This “This is a fantastic idea, and very innovative. My favourite of the day. Concentrate on how this would integrate (via API’s) with third parties both ingesting and retrieving location data. Blockchain inherently makes monetisation difficult, however engagement with an ‘independent’ organisation such as TSC to ‘supervise’ the system would be essential, and this a perfect candidate for central funding (DfT, BIS etc). Worth exploring how this could work as a ‘marketplace’ for location data between private/public enterprises and individuals. Presentation was very good and technical knowledge was good. Very exciting project!
— Feedback from Dan Chick, one of the judges.

Blockchain for Social Good
The Blockchain is already beginning to shake the foundations of finance This project shows just one of the many social applications of this tech.

Smart Cities and Developing Countries
We can put an end to the deployment of traffic sensors right now. Mobile phones are taking the world by storm. The number of phones is set to exceed the number of people in the world.