Year: 2015
Client: Bromley by Bow Centre - NHS Tower Hamlets.
Mentorship: Future City Catapult, UK.
Project type: Solo project.

This project aimed to develop a service intervention that deal with issues of overweight through a combination of new forms of citizen engagement, new ways of collecting, analysing, visualising and acting on community based qualitative and quantitative data.

Life expectancy in Tower Hamlets remains lower than the rest of country but continues to improve. 25.3 % 10-11 year olds in Tower Hamlet are obese (9th highest in the country). If you live in Tower Hamlets you can expect to live about 7-8 years less than if you lived elsewhere and you will have 20 years less of healthy life.

Our Kitchen, is an educational, collaborative, long-term community based enjoyable service that provides a healthy environment for mothers and children to internalise healthy lifestyle. 

If people can routinely integrate into Our Kitchen service, it will decrease the chronic illness that can come with overweight, and also generate a healthier community environment.

Research mapping

Research mapping