Year: 2015
In collaboration with: The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team at Health Education England.
Project type: Group.
I was in charge of problem identification, facilitating idea development, app wireframe, and photography.

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team at Health Education England decided that a workshop based around healthcare education would be a good way to look at how to build a creative interface between healthcare education professionals and the technology and design communities. In this project, I worked with a dentist, a medical student and a developer.

In the UK, there are 127,000 healthcare staff in training who can benefit from an online portfolio. An integrated feedback platform that can facilitate their experiential learning and reflection is needed. Healthcare professionals (Medical students and professionals) are losing learning opportunities because of disorganised feedback from supervisors, peers, and especially, patients.
"Supervisors are not there all the time to give us feedback immediately" - (Shade, 23 - medical student)

1. Undocumented feedback.
A big challenge for healthcare education is that a large amount of clinical feedback is not captured.
2. Unrepresentative feedback.
Clinical feedback is usually delayed, not evidence-based and often limited to tick boxes, thus unrepresentative of the students' performance. This makes students unable to track their own progress and make a plan from this.
3. Uninformative data.
All the above prevent the centralised collection of meaningful, quantitative and qualitative data that could potentially transform the healthcare education.

Professor X provides a review platform where students can upload content, record their reflections and receive feedback. We allow their supervisors, peers, and also patients to get involved, making sure the students meet all the security and confidentiality standards of Health Education England.

Professor X
Professor X
Professor X
Professor X
Professor X

"Supervisors are not there all the time to give us feedbacks immediately. Therefore, this service will be able to document our progress as well as feedback efficiently." - Feedback from a medical student.

"It's good that the service will be able to document students' practice properly. It's good to have an archive for health education." - Feedback from a dentist.

"We do need this service to bridge the gap between the learning part of medical students and the feedback / case study part for health care professionals." - Feedback from Health Education England.