Year: 2012-2013
Design project at City Yeast.
Commissioned by: The Urban Regeneration Office of Taipei city government.
Project type: Group project.
I participated in the urban colour research, investigation, strategies, colour workshop planning, and leading colour workshops.


'Taipei City Colour Plan' is a new and developing concept that involves research, educational and experimental activity design, urban design strategy and a report based on the theme of 'City Colour.' The project aimed to encourage the citizens to observe the colours appearing in Taipei city in order to make a positive transformation as well as suggest a cutting edge urban plan to the Taipei City Government.


The design of city colours has been an essential part of urban planning in Europe ever since 1850's. These cities can be properly identified by a palette of emblematic colours predefined through comprehensive studies. As the cities evolve, their tints and shades change; one of the earliest case in point is Turin in Italy. More than 20 colours were defined as this city’s basic hues during 1800-1850. After a sophisticated progress of urban development and inevitably failing to follow the primary plot for its tones, a new plan to renovate the city’s colourful outlook was then taken place in 1978. 

Apart from European cities, Japan has also initiated a colour scheme and practice on urban scale for the last 20 years. In accordance with the Landscape Act (2004), a study on colours discovered that the visual harmony between any building and its ambient environment must be conducted before the construction to avoid incongruous tones. 

Our aim was to explore the possibilities of urban colour planning through international case studies and to develop the use of Colour Smart tools, field trips and status surveys. Also to invite industry professionals and design teams to engage the citizens in interactive events, in which they could coordinate the ideas of theme colours in the reincarnation of the city.

City colours contribute to an integrated cultural image developed in the progress of urban civilisation. As a result of collective consciousness and individual self-awareness, they illustrate the outlook of a city and reflect history. A city colour plan should be considered in the urban reconstruction blueprints in an attempt to form a city with appealing characteristics.

Taipei City Colour Plan
Taipei City Colour Plan
Taipei City Colour Plan
Taipei City Colour Plan