Two Nostrils One Sneeze

Year: 2016
Exhibition: DIY Cultures, London, 2016.
Project type: Group project.
In this project, we all did creative writing and photography. I took charge of editorial design and paper selection.


This is an ongoing collaborative project led by Fang-Jui Chang and I-Chien Tang. It explores, through our own or working-together artistic practices the different thematic concerns via Design and Art perspectives. The publication aims to have a conversation about the ambiguous boundary and ethos between art and design. By having reflections on different themes through exhibition review, instructional photography or architectural archive material, we are interested in how our visions can be expanded, integrated and resonated in various forms with playful approaches.

The first part features the dialogical reviews of the exhibition ‘Riddle of the Burial Grounds’ at Extra City (Antwerp) in May 2016. By revisiting the exhibition, we began to sculpt our intellectual awareness whilst playing with that shared experience in real time. In the second part we then designate photography tasks to each other based on instructions. Setting the rules and engaging with the concept is an intimate action which brings the inherent performance to life. Lastly, based on one micro-architecture model in Hyde Park, we broaden its architectural perception to a range of investigative images. By paralleling with two archival images, we hope to rethink the nature of architecture with elaborative performance. This created intentionally formed indexical questions which generated a wide range of photographic vocabularies.